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درس 153 اصطلاحات فارسی انگلیسی

ایران نما | Inama

درس 153 اصطلاحات فارسی انگلیسی

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    آگهی رایگان تنها ویژه امور خیریه و پناهگاه حیوانات میباشد

    X بستن کادر close

    :Rights instruction and safe investment in Iran including

    Company registration with all precedures like getting business license only with $12.000.00

    Brand making for your company and agency establish in Iran with introducing it and your products by advertisement

    Issuing business card for imports & exports

    Bank account opening

    Cooperating and investing in commercial and entertainment complex, hotels, hospitals, pharmacy, agriculture, structure and marine or shipping effairs

    Contact with economic development and investment consultor in Iran


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دیگه اصرار بیش از این نمیشد (در قبول دعوت یا پذیرفتن چیزی)

If you insist. You talked me into it

اصرار داشتند که نهار را پیش آنها بمانم

They kept insisting that I should stay for lunch

چندان اصراری هم ندارم

I am not pressing for it

I am not particularly keen on that

اصرارش مرا بیچاره و خسته کرده است.

His persistence has driven me round the bend

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