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درس 14 اصطلاحات فارسی انگیسی

ایران نما | Inama

درس 14 اصطلاحات فارسی انگیسی

پیام های سایت

    آگهی رایگان تنها ویژه امور خیریه و پناهگاه حیوانات میباشد

    X بستن کادر close

    :Rights instruction and safe investment in Iran including

    Company registration with all precedures like getting business license only with $12.000.00

    Brand making for your company and agency establish in Iran with introducing it and your products by advertisement

    Issuing business card for imports & exports

    Bank account opening

    Cooperating and investing in commercial and entertainment complex, hotels, hospitals, pharmacy, agriculture, structure and marine or shipping effairs

    Contact with economic development and investment consultor in Iran


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شغلی که آینده خوب دارد

A job/occupation offering good prospects

این آخرین مد لباس زنانه است

This is the latest womens fashion

آخرین روز مدرسه

the last school day

جوجه را آخر پاییز میشمرند

He laughs best who laughs last

یکی مانده به آخر

the last but one. The one before last

شاگرد آخر کلاس است

He is at the bottom of the class

آخرش هم نخواهد آمد

He will not come after all

آخه من چه میدونستم؟

How on earth did I know

اخرش که چی؟

then what?

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